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Gem of the Ocean

Alerted by a message "magically" transmitted to Great Heaving HQ via the brand new all-analogiue sub-Atlantic communications cable [ANSACC] we would like to take this opportunity to offer a big "shout out" to our belatedly "loyal" US cousins in the generously-expressed hope that they are enjoying - as well as properly acknowledging - the perspicacity of their Dorset ancestors in [a] setting them free to make their own mistakes - and, let's face it, there have been a few - and [b] thereby allowing all of our trans-Atlantic cousins - regardless of race, creed, colour, gender-preference, past, present and future voting behaviour and/or institutional/social/cultural affiliation to celebrate Premature But in Retrospect Proto-Politically Correct Decolonisation Day [PBiRPPCD Day]. Didn't we do well?

Once the international beacon of freedom from oppression, you are now officially "in the dock" as well! Enjoy!

SHOPPING TIP [from our Consumables and Inflamables Correspondent Pett Eroll-Tanc:

A full-sized USA flag together with an Ajatollah-approved match with which to set fire to it is available from:

The Match and Flag Shop [formerly Matches 'n Flags r'Us], 12, The Glorious Revolution Plaza, Tehran, Iran [entrance just opposite the American Embassy - personal callers only, dollars preferred].

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