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Genius Exposed

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Given the generally negative noise surrounding Ai and its "dangerous" deployment across a range of human thought and activity*, it's good to be reminded that this evolving technology can be applied for wholly benign creative purposes.

*replacing, for example, the collective research capabilities of the entire staff of the RSCBE with a single laptop and making more progress in a month than its 280-strong Great Heaving team have managed in the nearly 20 years since Professor Thrupiece last graced its corridors.

Take for example the recent limited print run of "Rudolf", created by Threadbone Ai Technologies Inc - a best "Ai-inspired guestimate" of what the 24-month-year-old Professor Thrupiece might have produced as his Christmas Card had 1942 paper and crayon shortages not frustrated his efforts.

Rudolf: an Ai created portrait inspired by the early artistic efforts of Professor Thrupiece and a highly collectable item sure to be high on anyone and everyone's 2024 Want List.

Using a computer generated digi-template and matching this to a pre-programmed synchro-defined 1million chroma palette of colours identical to those available in 1942, scientists have produced what many believe to be the most accurate representation yet of the kind of image which the burgeoning genius that was Professor Thrupiece might have created on the threshold of his absolute mastery. As Child Prodigy Chronicler Earl E Lerna says: "Only by seeing an image of this quality can we be truly aware of what a child genius is capable of producing. The image is simply astonishing - it's something a fully-fledged adult artists would be proud to claim as 'all their own work'".

Now available in a limited edition of 100 prints via Sotherbones Fine Auctioneers, "Rudolf" comes in an exquisite black and gilt frame and is a steal at only £2,500. There is a limit of one print per family and orders will be fulfilled on a strictly first come first served basis

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