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I Spy With My 18" Eye

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

thrupiecefilm's latest release - The Man With The Mustache - is causing the odd ripple amongst Dorest cinema-goers, several of whom are said to be quite excited at the prospect of viewing it at the new Ibberton IMAX - a screen which is capable of projecting actors in ultra-high definition and at up to 18 times their actual size.

"One of the hallmarks of modern advanced projection techniques", cinema projectionist Wenda Litesgo-Owt says, "is the ability to render the image of a man or woman* at a scale even greater than that of the actual living person". Though this discovery came quite early in the history of cinematography [it is known colloquially as the "Thrupiece Effect" after Professor Brian Thrupiece who used it as an aid to his giant mural painting wherein he shone a light at his model and muse [often Ms Shelley-Lulette Sizemore] and drew around the resulting silhouette on his sitting room wall], its potential has only recently been fully-exploited in the cinema thanks to a new-found ability to construct screens of a larger size.

*or non-binary entity or, for that matter,

"thing" [Ed]

"The optics were in place years ago; it was making a large and flat enough surface that proved the challenge", Ms Litesgo-Owt explained. "Happily modern materials, including laser-guided plaster-trowels, produce surfaces of such perfect evenness and rigidity that we can now see characters in large close-up without significant unwanted and accidentally-generated disfigurement artefacts. Only a couple of years ago, the chances are that Tim Saddlebottom's face would have appeared with several unintended carbuncles, whilst Rachel Twice's buttocks might have seemed so cellulite-ridden as to resemble the North Sea on a stormy night." "Technological advance is a marvellous thing, but large scale ultra hi-def can be very cruel", she added.

In the meantime, The Man With The Mustache is expected to do particularly well at the Box Office and may even beat the opening weekend takings record held for over 50 years by The Sound of Brian. A spy-thriller set in Cold War Milton on Stour it has been released in time to celebrate Movember and is based on a play by Agatha Panthus. It stars the aforementioned Rachel Twice ["her skin is more flawless than her acting"] and Tim Saddlebottom ["a perfect moustache hides a less than perfect performance"]. The film also marks the screen debut of RDSC favourite Salmon Thrustle-Teale as double agent Servin Bothsides. It plays for nearly three hours ["That's an awful long time to look at a moustache". [All quotations from Dorset Film Monthly.]

The Man With The Mustache [Certificate PG] IMAX, Ibberton 2pm, 5pm, 8pm and 11pm Mon-Saturday commencing 5th November.

The Man With The Mustache [Certificate PG] which opens at the IMAX, Ibberton on Monday has been the subject of a huge publicity blitz. More than 500 posters have been placed in the Iwerne Minster underground system alone.

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