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Missing The Point?

Following accusations of unbalanced journalism in yesterday's critical review of DBC1's consumer watchdog programme ROGUE VIRUS, the Corporation has hit back citing evidence that it continues, amid the current crisis, to offer viewers "a full and appropriately representative briefing on all world events". In a statement sent to all of the major Dorset newspapers, spokesperson Miss Di Rekshan said: "Whilst difficult editorial decisions have to be made, we remain committed to bringing our viewers comprehensive coverage of the stories making the news whilst continuing to offer a steadfastly proportionate stance in our judgment of their ongoing significance".

Noting that the Corporation had recently fully exploited "an opportunity to realise additional intelligence assets through enhanced stakeholder engagement" [later explained as taking on an additional CONTRIK-69 obsessed reporter on the basis of a viewer's recommendation*], she went on to say that there was no evidence that the DBC was wallowing in the CONTRIK-69 emergency nor that it was ignoring other world events of "perhaps equal or greater significance".

*Later identified as Ms Betsy-May Threadbone grand-niece of Board Chair Mrs Amanda J Threadbone

Though critics will continue to question the DBC's judgment, last night's main 9pm News bulletin did appear to show some softening of the Corporation's line on reporting other world events; and supporters will be quick to point out that after leading on the story of 18-year-old Tiddles who died tragically of feline CONTRIK-69 in East Compton, the second story gave a 30-second briefing on the devastating Hurricane which wiped out the entire United States overnight.

An artist's impression of last night's 9pm News from the DBC. Corporation officials were unwilling to release actual footage "lest it weaken our case".

"I defy anyone watching the 9pm News as a whole to find any imbalance in our approach, after Tiddles and the American business, we went on to cover topics such as: CONTRIK-69 in perspective and why its the worst thing ever to have happened in the history of planet, the Dorset Health Service Crisis, the epidemic-related shortage of wine-gums, Living in Lydlinch Lock-down and even went undercover in a care-home to report on life without unwanted visits from well-meaning but talentless local community choirs... so any accusations of tunnel-vision are well wide of the mark!", Miss Di Rekshan said.

Well-known DBC critic and serial license-fee non-payer Mr Phree Vuu remains wholly unmoved: "They just love this crisis: people trapped in their homes, climbing the walls and fresh out of Netflix series ... it's a great time to exploit the vulnerable and feed the public the crap the Corporation wants them to hear. It should be investigated. They should get that Nick Knowall on to it".

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