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Not Single Spies, Butt in Buttalions

Sidling St Nicholas Sun Sexy Santa Tropicana is December 2023's Calendar girl.

No sooner have we had the pleasure of previewing the latest exquisite Christmas Card to emerge from the Amanda J Threadbone household than we have the more dubious "privilege" of recording this year's contribution to the genre from the Sidling St Nicholas Sun.

The card features Sidling St Nicholas Sun on Sunday favourite model and D-list celebrity Mystique frolicking in the snow as a cheeky [pun intended? [Ed] Santa. As editor Ron Nasty's accompanying editorial makes clear, Mystique is certainly a Christmas handful and, appropriately dressed, likely to bring a warm glow to more than her own cheeks.

Readers are advised [surely warned [Ed]] that Mystique is also available as a 12 page 2023 Calendar. Readers can collect tokens each day in next week's Sydling St Nicholas Sun and exchange them for a free Calendar at their local branch of Edna's on Christmas Eve. readers are advised to proceed with caution - there being no such thing as a free lunge. [Calendar not suitable for children and young adults under the age of 18.]

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