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On The Front Line With The RDC

Today we focus on the work of the RDC and in, so doing, pay tribute to the valiant men and women of the force who, undeterred by morality, common sense or the limits of the law have gone about their difficult but surprisingly satisfying work with steadfast determination, relentless energy and wholly unwarranted enthusiasm.

Neither time nor tide has blunted the razor-sharp response of these dedicated officers who have taken pride, heart and an unconscionable amount of pleasure in going where no police officer has gone before; relishing every opportunity to question people's ordinary activities, put the worst possible construction on people's innocent actions and taken interfering suspicion to a level never before seen on our hitherto law-abiding streets, commons and lanes. Never slow to extract a fine, they have cherished every arrest as though it was their first and brought the same unreasoned and overwrought attitude to every encounter. Never before in the field of human endeavour have so many been imprisoned for so long by so few.

Police artist's sketch of Sir Rising made during his "recent difficulty".

So we say: well done to boys and girls of the force in blue. We owe you one [and boy are you going to get it when this shit-storm is over]. And, if we may be so bold as to offer both sustenance and parting advice, we add: "Go well and prosper - but not, please, in our neck of the woods".

The RDC is a wholly independent body and receives no monies [or envouragement] from any of the subsidiary companies, organisations, or other entities owned either wholly or in part by The Threadbone Corporation or the thrupieceorganisation.



In a further tribute to the brave lads and lasses of our former liberty-respecting and constitution-defending home-protective force, we here re-distribute for wider appreciation RDC Chief Constable Sir Rising Crimewave's Guide to Policing during CONTRIK-69. Please note this message was first broadcast some time before Sir Rising's arrest for eating a pork luncheon meat sandwich in a public park. We are reliably informed that his advice has not changed significantly since his detention but that Lady Crimewave's most certainly has.

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