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Satisfying The Ladyboners

Author[ess] Fluidity Gender has been handed a huge task and hopes he/she/ze has/have pulled it off.

For families up and down the county, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a new title from the Ladybone stable. Fans of the imprint - the self-styled Ladyboners - would have little to pull out and surprise their friends and families with were it not for a timely and satisfying release. Many then, the keen Ladyboner who does not want to find themselves empty-handed come Christmas morning. Keen Ladyboner, Ivor Biggun, says that the look in his wife's eyes as she opens his bulging package on Christmas Day is alone worth the retail price, whilst fellow collector, Eva Willing, says a generous gift in her stocking from an excited Ladyboner is always worth waiting for.

Of course, such expectations put huge pressure on the authors and publishers of the Ladybone book series - topping last year's effort is never easy and the risk of repeating the same old successful formula is never far away. So this year, to avoid any sense of ennui, parent organisation the Threadbone Press is determined to strike out on an alternative path and has called upon the editors at Ladybone to do something rather different. What then should "children of all ages" expect to find lodged in their festive boxes this year?

According to sources close the Great Heaving conglomerate, this year's Christmas special will be harder-edged and less overtly "Christmasy" than that of previous years.

Moreover, it will address a number of important issues with which today's confused and ill-directed children are increasingly faced. Entitled Let's Turn Roger Into ... "it tackles a spectrum of topics, from gender and identity matters, through social problems to careers advice" .. "all, of course, calmly explored through the usual charming and engagingly disarming Threadbone narrative form", Ladybone Honorary Editor in Chief Mrs Amanda J Threadbone explains. "Using the delightful persona of a young boy named Roger, we take our readers through a series of hypothetical encounters as he seeks to find himself, his place in society and - if it is not too strong a term, his destiny". "I am inclined to think that there are many adults who could also learn from Roger's experience", she continues, "I know that the late Mr Threadbone, had he been alive to read it, would have derived a good deal of profit from it and might, as a consequence, have avoided some of his more egregious and consequential mistakes".

Let's Turn Roger Into ... is available from all branches of Threadstones [and may yet be their Staff Pick of the Week], the orinoco store and as:

a digital download from the publisher's website [HERE]

Ladybone Flipbook [HERE]

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