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The Saga Continues:

In what has been described as "the next discovery waiting to happen", investigative journalists from the Sidling St Nicholas Sun have revealed yet another manipulated image, adding further fuel to the fire that is the ongoing Dodgy Photogate saga.

Investigative team leader Gutta Prez told a hastily-assembled news conference today that the widely-circulated and much admired photograph Le Reve by Pavlo Pecca-Asso is a fake with several [now] obvious photo edits undermining its claim to be an authentic portrait of a self-pleasuring woman on the verge of ecstasy*.

* The woman is believed to be Mrs Pecca-Asso and self-indusced pleasure is said to be the only

pleasure she got. [Arts Ed]

Analysis by the Threadbone Institute for Advanced Photo-Manipulation Detection have identified four key features which, taken together, prove beyond doubt that Pecca-Asso deep-faked the image, throwing into doubt whether the woman was actually on the verge of ecstasy or even self-pleasuring at all.


Just how deep and how far the scandal will extend remains anyone's guess, though Deep Fake expert Deepe Faik believes there is "some way to to go yet".

"For years artists and photographers have been talking us for a ride, creating increasingly unrealistic images which they expect us to believe are actual portraits. Happily we are now on to them and searching out everything from ears on the front of a face and noses on the side to willow pattern plates with suspension bridges over the river. They can run but they can't hide", he added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Threadbone Corporation said that the fact that the most recently discover manipulated image has alterations to the subject's physiognomy lets 'a certain, recently notorious, serial faker" off the hook. "It does not carry that person's "digital tell" ', Ms App-Ezer said. 'That and the fact it's a signed Pecca-Asso'.

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