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Thrupiece's Poetics

Following yesterday's reference to Aristotle's Poetics, several of our more erudite readers have written to ask whether we were in error in attributing this major work to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle of Stagira. Indeed Dr Phil O'Soffy [DPhil] of Tarrant Launceston has gone further suggesting that "in your highly emotional and perhaps befuddled state you wrongly suggested that the noble volume known to scholars nationwide as the Poetics was written by someone with a name unfamiliar to me whilst anyone with even the vaguest familiarity with the Batcombe Peripatetic School [or the Threadbone Treasury of Condensed Great Books for that matter] knows that the Poetics is a major contribution to knowledge penned by none other than Professor Brian Thrupiece in 1952 a mere 53 years before his disappearance from a Swiss hotel room whilst attending an international conference and award ceremony [the Ednas]. Kindly correct this egregious error before ignorant folk seize the wrong end of the shooting match and write this into our lamentably revised and modernised school curriculum".

Whilst we are always grateful for the vigilance of our readers, we feel bound to point out that Phil's letter is a classic example of "a little learning being a dangerous thing" and suggest that he - together with his equally misguided co-respondents - note the existence of not a single Poetics, but rather a complementary and perhaps equally distinguished pair: one [to which we rightly referred] by the bearded Greek of ancient repute and one [thus far unmentioned by us] by the distinguished contemporary Dorset Culinary Bio-ethicist - Professor Brian Thrupiece - whose work was inspired by - and some believe built upon the foundations of the former. A case of the pupil surpassing the teacher? We think so!

Poetic Duo: Aristotle [LEFT] and professor Thrupiece [RIGHT] both wrote profound works of philosophy and their contributions are easily confused.

Written in 1952 when the Professor was a comparatively young man [12 years and rising], it is now regarded as a cornerstone of the Culinary Bio-ethical canon, underpinning much of the research and discovery of the last 70 years. Though it is perhaps too difficult and occasionally too dense for popular consumption, its influence is such that it has been thought worthy of simplification for a lay audience hitherto denied its powerful message.


Below we offer to every reader a free copy of the Fourth Edition of Harry Stottle's marvellous condensation and simplification of this seminal work - Thrupiece's Poetics for Dummies. This offer is made possible thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the Threadbone Press which has provided an e-book edition - absolutely gratis - as its contribution to alleviating social anomie during the trials and tribulations of 1-metre distancing and in celebration of tomorrow's National Thrupiece Day.

GET YOUR COPY OF Thrupiece's Poetics for Dummies HERE

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