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A Con-Junction

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Three years in the making and costing more tan £25 million the new improved junction between the B3074 and Nutcrack Lane, Stoborough opened today amidst a wave of indifference. Traffic had been disrupted for thousands of motorists and commuters for the duration of the project as the world most inefficient "temporary" three way traffic system was in operation, whilst the local chamber of commerce estimates that local shops had lost significant revenue as shoppers decided to avoid the frequent hold-ups and take their business elsewhere.

Relief that the scheme has finally been completed was tempered by a growing sense of puzzlement at what the improvements had actually achieved. Local resident and keen observer Sir Vale Ence, who has watched the project unfold on a daily basis says: "Basically we watched them set up their porta-cabins and make their little constructor village, then - after days of discussion and endless tea-breaks - they closed the roads. They then installed the temporary traffic lights [which are often simultaneously on red in all directions] and disappeared for a while. When they came back they painstakingly dug up the roads, took down all the crossing equipment and - over a period of about a year and a half - put it all back exactly as it was". "Whether this was a good use of public money is hard to say", says consumer Watchdog chair Which Hazel, "though the new buttons on the pedestrian crossing are certainly quite swish".

No-one from the Dorset Highways Authority was available for comment, though shown our before and after photographs, one unnamed source did say they would make a very good spot the difference competition.



Entries. on a postcard please, to Spot The Difference, B3074 and Nutcrack Lane, Stoborough Junction Competition c/o The Council Offices Stoborough, Dorset. Entries must be received by 5pm on 31st July 2020. For terms and conditions please visit

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