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The Saga Continues

thrupiecehomevideo has today announced the release of a deluxe edition boxed set of thrupiecefilm's masterly six-part epic Swyre Wars: the sweeping saga which has kept cinema goers - young and old - riveted to the screen for over a decade.

Filmed on location throughout Dorset and the West Country as well as in thrupiecefilm's Threadwaker Studios [Marlin Country Park] Georgina Flookarse's iconic masterpiece has never before been available for home viewing.

Readers will need no reminding that the series was constructed in an unusual order with the last three episodes filmed first. The saga begins with a controversial new housing estate being built in the frontier town of Swyre by a greedy developer intent on residential domination. A popular rebellion lead by the Squire of the nearby landed estate (Duke Bywater) is first quelled, but then (aided by a gang of prefabricators from Over Compton) emerges triumphant restoring order and re-establishing maypole dancing in perpetuity. The so-called "prequels" tell an entirely uninteresting story which no one can remember. (NB Episodes IV-VI are NOT available spearately.)

What will excite fanatics more than anything, however, is the painstaking remastering of the complete series by Girton Non-Industrial Light and Magic for VHS and Betamax. Finally all six episodes are available in "realsquare" format (18" x 18") thruscope™ and stunning Threadigital™ 3d mono sound. But purchasers should be aware that to enjoy the full benefits of the analogue-digital-analogue restoration they will need one of the newer televisions with a cathode-ray tube, speaker and compatible receiver.

thrupiecehomevideo CEO Mrs Amanda J Threadbone was given the first of a limited edition signed box set (18 VHS cassettes) by thrupiecefilm's North American Executive Vice-President M G M Spielberg-McNightly. It will be available on Monday at Poundbury Resale and Cash Converters, The Open Market, Poundbury.

Commemorative Poster available from the orinoco store

A lovingly remastered version of the complete Swyre Wars saga is released today on VHS and Sony Beta Max Cassette.

A lovingly remastered version of the complete Swyre Wars saga is released today on VHS and Sony Beta Max Cassette, but only those with the latest home receivers will be able to enjoy its advanced picture and sound quality.

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