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Painting by Integers: Intelligent Design From The Threadbone Press

Threadbone Arts - the visual arts division of The Threadbone Press - has announced the publication of "Painting the Cotswolds", the latest in the "Painting ...." series; the much-loved instructional Colour-It-Cut-Out-and-Keep books from The Professor Thrupiece Art Starter Collections. Like its predecessors "Painting the Cotswolds" is designed to encourage the hapless, hopeless and clueless into dabbling in the endlessly fascinating hobby which western civilization calls "Art".

Skilfully assembled by Shelley-Lulette Sizemore - pupil, muse and horizontal jogging partner of the great Professor Thrupiece himself - from photographs taken on a recent tour of the area, the book continues the great instructional tradition laid down by Professor Thrupiece in his tragically short lifetime. It was, she said "a labour of love". "Professor Thrupiece and I first visited the Cotswolds in 1998 when he was recovering from a peanut-brittle impacted molar and I remember it with much joy. Happily I was able to give him great relief on that trip. One of the highlights was a visit to the Bourton-on-the-Water Motor Museum where his beloved Ford Popular "BEN" is on permanent exhibition: it was the vehicle in which he first toured the area and celebrated World Cup Final Day in 1966 with a friend. I am so pleased to have included a view of the Museum in my latest 'Painting...' book".

Ms Sizemore is Senior Course Tutor at the Thrupiece Open College [HERE]. Other Books in the series include: Painting The South Coast, Painting Threadboneville, Painting Majorca, Painting Ibiza, Painting Bournemouth & Berlin.

DOWNLOAD a digital copy of "Painting the Cotswolds" HERE

VIEW the Threadbone flipbook™ version HERE

Just one of the stunning views for you to paint in the latest in the "Painting..." series from THREADBONE ARTs.

Just one of the stunning views for you to paint in the latest in the "Painting..." series from THREADBONE ARTs. Designed for Adults of all ages it is, the Publishers claim, "a real step forward in bringing art to the masses - well the intelligent ones looking for self-improvement obviously not the huddled type".

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