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Significant as it might be and much as one might to choose to justify the thousands of column inches devoted to it, the recent flurry of interest in Greek Epic Poetry [see HERE] is - claims to scholarship, culture and "the higher moral ground" notwithstanding - a bit hard to take for those of us who prefer Threadflix to the Arts Channel and a bit of snooker to an in depth documentary devoted to Ernest Hemingway's penchant for a 1926 Underwood Standard Portable, an Underwood Noiseless Portable, several Royal portables, and possibly a Swedish Halda P.

Thank goodness then that common sense has prevailed at Threadbone Comix as they decide to take on the latest craze; deploying their well-known and unashamed willingness to do the general public a service by appropriately dumbing-down the high-faluttin' and publishing a "children's edition" of the now almost notorious Timoria poem. In so doing they have offered inquisitive young minds almost all the sex and violence an they could possibly crave. [Are you quite sure of that? [Teenage Social Development Editor.]

Readily accessible [it can be found on the middle shelves of Edna's Convenience Sore periodical racks even as I write] the "colourful" comic can be had for as little as a tenner and enjoyed by the entire family for weeks. Short of making a filmic cartoon [please thrupiecemedia give it a go!] this is about as easy a way into the dreary world of the Greek classics as you are likely to find. Enjoyed Gladiator? [That's Roman [Ed].] In which case enjoyed Troy [No it was crap! [Ed].] OK then, enjoyed a week on Paros? [Yes but we never left the hotel room [Travel Ed].] Then you will certainly enjoy this latest offering from Threadbone Comix...

In fact, if you're smart, you could even take it Paros and give the significant other a night off!! [Travel Ed.]

Download your all digital version HERE

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