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Only 384 Days To Go Until Christmas 2020

Amidst the avalanche of disappointment greeting this year's Christmas advertisement campaigns from the major chains, comes a ray of sunshine in the form of the Threadstones ["The High Street Bookseller"] offering. Variously described as "Charming" [Chilfrome Advertising Weekly], "Simple" [Dorset Grocers' Monthly], "Inoffensive" [West Country Trading St andards] and "Mercifully short" [Great Heaving Shorts Review], it looks set to be the TV hit of the Festive Season.

Charles and Morris MacPro in their 1970s heyday.

Commissioned by the bookstore's parent company Threadbone Holdings Inc, the advertisement was devised and crafted by Threadbone favourites Charles and Morris MacPro, devisors of, amongst many other projects, artwork for the Threadbone Press's Threadbone Noir crime novels series, Emma Roid's Adam Carrington Herston General Hospital series, and the Thrupiece Philharmonic's Season Brochures as well as the now almost ubiquitous Serif of Nottington font. They cite as their inspiration, "magical childhood memories of a second-hand bookshop in Long Bredy", "the traditional Christmas edition of the Upcerner Magazine" and "a long session with two bottles of malt whisky and a woman they think was called Molly".

Meanwhile, customers of Threadstones will be delighted to know that they have a 6 for 5 offer on all Ladybone books including the ever-popular Brian Edna and Amanda Do Christmas [HERE] - still the best way by far to introduce children of all ages to the traditions, rituals, magic and mayhem of the festive season.



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