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Stranger Than Fact?

A controversial new book - a thinly-disguised and wildly fictionalised account of the "death" and/or "disappearance" of Professor Thrupiece - is about to hit the shelves. Rogue publisher Not-The-Afpuddle-University Press has decided to go ahead with the publication, circumventing several court injunctions, by releasing the book in the neighbouring county of Somerset where - pending a legal challenge - the jurisdiction of the Dorset courts does not apply.

Author Deep-Li Mendashus, well-known for his spiteful and superficially exploitative novels based on the lives of the famous has once again defended his work, suggesting that its provocatively counter-factual narrative will rekindle interest in Professor Thrupiece's diappearance and may lead to further discoveries regarding his untimely exit from the world stage.

© Not-the-University-of-Afpuddle Press 2024

Whilst many will disagree - recognising the author's pathetic self-justification for the pathetic self-justification it is - there is a school of thought that suggests that any publicity is good publicity [see for example the ongoing "Prince" Humphrey and Renault Megan saga [HERE]]. Those inclined to this view will argue that the more the incompetence of Commissaire de Police Arsène Berglàre and L'Autorités Suisses [HERE] is exposed the sooner a clearer view of Professor Thrupiece's last few hours at the Hotel Cornarvin, Geneva will emerge. They will also add that there has never been a need for greater urgency, as the case remains frustratingly "open and pending" whilst the number material witnesses to the event diminishes by the years. Chief FIFA suspect Sepp Blatter, long in the frame, has already "cheated justice" by dying - possibly of shame and certainly of old age [HERE].

So will publication of A Shrove Tuesday Carol prove the spark that relights the investigative flame or the tome that rerings the tills? Only time will tell...


© Not-the-University-of-Afpuddle Press 2024

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